By Vahagn Igityan


The title of the painting: Composition
Author: Vahagn Igityan
The period of creation: 2016
Material: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 90 * 130 cm / 35.4 * 51.2 in

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The following work of V. Igityan is created by color large and huge masses and precise divisions. The background of the work bears conceptual meaning, which is primarily perceived as mountains in the open air. In the foreground one can see a woman’s image depicted with juxtaposition of realistic and abstract forms. Perhaps she has a gun in her hand, around her are introspective arranged figures of fruits, animals and sculptures of heads, which prompt about the symbolic on one hand, and ridiculous meaning of the creation on the other hand. Here features from the art of Giorgio de Chirico are noticeable.

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